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Computer-Assisted Literary Translation Conference

11-13 May 2021

The conference has now ended. Recordings (by speakers who gave their persmission) are linked in the programme of the conference. They will be available until the end of June 2021.


STING (Swansea Translation and Interpreting Group) hosted two successful international workshops on Computer-Assisted Literary Translation in 2019 and is now organising its first full-scale conference on the topic. Postponed from 2020, this will be an online event run over Zoom.

Literary translators tend to resist using the systems which dominate the lives of most other professional translators: CAT tools, translation memories (TM), termbases, and machine translation systems (MT). However, in the last five years developments have taken place which suggest that there are pluses as well as minuses for literary translators in the use of different kinds of computer-assisted translation. These include CAT tools, corpus linguistics, natural language processing, text analysis and visualisation and in particular Neural Machine Translation (NMT). The conference will explore some of these developments and their actual and potential impact on literary translators and readers from both theoretical and empirical standpoints, with an emphasis on applications and illustrative case studies.

Practising (literary) translators as well as research students and academics are welcome to attend. No previous experience of computer-assisted methods is required. There is no registration fee.

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