Keynote speakers

Duncan Large, University of East Anglia

Duncan received his BA, MA and DPhil in Modern Languages (French and German) from Oxford University. He worked at the University of Paris III, Trinity College Dublin and Swansea University before joining UEA as Academic Director of the British Centre for Literary Translation in 2014.

Jan Rybicki, Jagiellonian University

Jan Rybicki is Professor of English Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, Poland. With a background in English literary studies, comparative literature and literary translation, he has published on stylometry (incl. “The Great Mystery of the (Almost) Invisible Translator: Stylometry in Translation”) and authorship attribution (“Partners in Life, Partners in Crime?”). He has also translated into Polish such authors as Golding, Gordimer, Fitzgerald, Ishiguro or le Carré.

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